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Corndaddy at Water Hill Music Fest, 2013
Corndaddy -- Jerry Hancock, Kevin Brown, Hugh Huntley, Jud Branam  (Photo by Patrick Clancy)

What the press says:

"With a pure purpose and honest intent, Corndaddy makes refreshingly uncluttered country rock -- keenly aware of the genre's standard-bearers but not absorbed with imitation." Detroit Free Press

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Corndaddy's music harkens back to the glory days of country rock through filters of power pop, bluegrass and British Invasion bombast. We've just released  our third full-length, "Heart of the Matter," on CD and LP. Thanks to all for supporting our Kickstarter campaign! Visit us on Facebook.

Our latest recording, "Heart of the Matter," is available for $12 online at Discogs.com  in CD and LP form.

All three of our CDs are available digitally through our page on CDbaby.com.

We've honed our craft through years of songwriting and hundreds of shows at bars, festivals and backyard barbecues. You'll hear hints of  Willie Nelson, the Stones, the Byrds, Buck Owens, Beck and Otis Redding. Songs touch on the search for meaning in everyday life, lessons learned as time goes by, river worship, loves now and long ago and legends and lore we've heard and imagined.

Drop us a line at juddy at aol.com for a booking, a CD, or a word to the wise.



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